Must have affiliate plugins for Affiliate marketers

What are the top plugins that you should be using on your WordPress affiliate sites?

There aren’t many but few must-have plugins for any affiliate marketing blog.


All-in-one SEO pack

So the first one is the all-in-one SEO pack we must have to have on our site. If you don’t, you’re going to be leaving traffic on the table. So always install every single one of the affiliate sites. There are hundreds of them built.



The second favorite plug-in is Jetpack by This now comes in standard with all WordPress installations. Jetpack is basically a combination of 10 or about 10 to 12 vital tools that allow us to do all kinds of things like web site stats sharing and subscribing on our blog.

So on our blog, it’ll still like, share, subscribe. Like and all those important buttons on our page it also has added tools like site uptime, modern monitoring, security tools etc. So we should make sure, we install Jetpack. It’s a very useful plug-in to have.


Amazon link

The third one is called Amazon link. This is just a nice little template, the nice little plugin for Amazon sites which basically allows us to embed different Amazon advertising features into our posts, our pages and the sidebars of your sites.

This makes linking up amazon very easy on our affiliate sites. It’s one I recommend if we have an Amazon blog.

Wordpress Plugin

Easy Affiliate Links

The fourth one is called easy affiliate links. This just makes it easy to manage our links. So sometimes when you have a site with a lot of pages you have a very vast network of blogs. It helps to have these links. Links along with making it easier to manage.

We can do things like cloaking and it is heard that very soon they’re adding a link split testing feature which is very very cool. And it’ll help us make more Commission’s whenever they get that feature added in there. Check that one out easy affiliate links.

WordPress Friendly

V Amazon link engine

So this will localize the links which means that if someone’s in say the UK and you link to the website it automatically redirects to our visit to the Amazon co dot UK. So it’ll help us make a little bit extra money and it’s one that is recommended if we have an Amazon affiliate site.

These are the five plugins that are recommended that all affiliates use and if we want to learn more affiliate marketing tips, specifically for Amazon different affiliate systems can be checked out and those reveals all the stuff that one should do in order to choose affiliate plugins for affiliate marketers.

Plugins may seem like something extra but these go a long way to make affiliate marketing more effective and easier for us!

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