Money making ideas for students

When many of us searched how to make money while in college, university on YouTube lots of different money making ideas came up. But there was a common theme throughout. There were people waving wads of cash around saying they get money. We mean anyone can go to the bank and say five ten thousand dollars out a big deal it doesn’t mean anything. So ignore those people now.

Make Money Basic for Student:

I want to let you guys know it’s not that big of a deal but I’m always trying to further my education. I’m always trying to learn more. Always trying to fill my head with knowledge about things that it might help me and I know it will help me. Half of me, I push to do more and that is reading I read a lot. I read a lot. These are all business based books selling. Both how to sell and how to stand out books that have helped me to take what I do to the next level.

So without further, I would suggest a few ways through which students can earn money and that too legally. These are listed thoroughly:

We can launch and grow a digital product start-up of our own. You can also do it together with a few of the close friends, or we can have full-fledged business partners.

Money making ideas:

We can start online coaching and sell advice. This too can be done making a team.

  • Narrate audiobooks.
  • Do micro-jobs on Amazon
  • Sell the crafts on Etsy
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Get some virtual odd jobs on TaskRabbit
  • Build and sell software
  • Become online news writer
  • Do graphic designing for local companies
  • Buy and sell domain names
  • Do data analysis
  • Get a commission, only sales gig
  • Rent cars on Turo
  • Email marketing with a niche newsletter
  • Maintain artist fan pages
  • Guest blogging
  • Answer professional questions on JustAnswer
  • Give your opinion in online focus groups and surveys
  • We can even take tasks to complete online surveys
  • Teach English as a virtual tutor
  • Help new teachers by selling teaching plans
  • College admissions essay editors
  • Students can also join remote companies as part-timers
  • Private labeling
  • Help people with their tax preparations
  • Transcribe audios and interviews
  • Write on medium partner’s program
  • Proofread articles
  • Sell products on Shopify store
  • Create online courses
  • Local business consultancy
  • Start E-commerce sites
  • Sell stock products online
  • Write reviews on places you’ve been
  • Join freelancing networks. Example- Upwork or Fiverr
  • Do data entries for companies
  • Find freelancing clients and sell services
  • Start online T-shirt business
  • Online travel consultancies
  • Sell your expert advice on
  • Write and sell an eBook ( Amazon Self-Publishing)
  • Rent your extra rooms on Airbnb
  • Record podcast and share inspiring stories
  • Sell your services on niche sites like 99designs, Cloudpeeps or Toptal
  • Sell your art and designs on Society6
  • Become an influencer on Instagram
  • Launch a youtube channel to entertain and educate


Now, of course, there are hundreds of more ways and ideas that you can work with. Whatever you do, try to do according to your potentials.

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