Importance of SEO in 2019

Search Engine Optimization?

Whenever we freelancer friends are talking about digital marketing kinds of stuff, we would somehow end up bringing SEO and how should it be exactly like in the coming days. SEO is a digital marketing tool standing for Search Engine Optimization which helps increase our Google rankings and Bing rankings. For example- we would talk about h1s and h2s, we would talk about how many keywords should we have on our page, what exactly should that day, how many words should I have on my page and all those stuff.


It is that simple!

We all watch videos, spending months to decide on what to do and then there will all those conflict information driving us crazy! I would be specific with a couple of advice. And these are the answer to those questions which we all suffer from.


  • Keep it all simple but comprehensive
  • Keep 500 words on the word count
  • Throw in a few keywords and make sure they are the right ones
  • And link it to all the website links you want to link with


Study top ranking pages

Now as we see, the important point is just as many as four or so. Because the online stuff is not as important as all this noise out there that makes it sound all very critical or mysterious. And if you want to prove it to yourself, you can go and look at some of the top ranking pages and websites and see if they follow all these crazy rules or not.

Search Engine Optimization Basics

Marketers don’t hide these mantras, they just have high authority websites. These come from

  • links
  • citations
  • Lots of Google reviews
  • Lots of traffic that goes to their website

So, all these keywords and others are the kinds of stuff which are secondary. All these things will take care of itself if we have high authority on our website. So coming to the topic as to what is the importance of Search Engine Optimization in 2019, we should know it is going to be even more revolutionizing.

 Impact of SEO in 2019

Impact of SEO in 2019

Three revolutionary impacts that would make SEO more powerful in 2019 are:

  • More and More search engine traffic through fine content ideas for your business and creating more fresh content around relevant keywords. You can use Google Ads for this. You can create a Google Ads account, get in there to click onto the keyword planner and find new keywords, expand on current keywords.
  • Since almost 100% people search online for a review before buying anything on the internet, it becomes more important that you must use the technique of SEO to rank on top of the list of Google searches, that too before your competitors.
  • For customers, SEO can help people find exactly what they want. The more precise is the SEO, the more precise the searches are, provided that your website or page has all the ingredients that search engines are looking for.


SEO is pretty since it looks through your texts, contents, links, page titles and even goes through the relevant information contained in the HTML code of the websites. So in this competitive world, we absolutely need solid SEO to find our page our website at the top of the search results.

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