How to start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Let us break that up for now. Affiliate means along with something or someone and marketing are more of a topic to generalize in a few words but all of us for sure are very aware of it.

Start Affiliate Marketing

How to start affiliate marketing?

Now in order to do that, and generate some passive income we don’t need any of our own products or services can just recommend stuff like headphones that we already use every single day and earn commission off.

Who is the largest affiliate program?

Amazon Associates is the largest affiliate program in the world. If we start recommending suppose we can make videos of just any product for example of Alexa ( a product of Amazon), we can review or just let people know what it is and we will receive a commission of about 4% of the price of the product you’re reviewing.

So if the product costs suppose $350 then we can make a pretty nice chunk for making even one sale.

We almost need nothing to start with!

We don’t need any products, we don’t need any inventory, we don’t need to actually have the headphones in stock to don’t need to ship them out the company. So, for example, Amazon takes care of all of that for us so it’s less hassle fewer headaches no customer service and we just get a check at the end of the day, so that feels pretty awesome!

Affiliate Marketing.


Things are pretty crazy how the referrals work. If you write an article or post reviews or just make videos, including sudden referrals in the middle of your actual topic, goes along. People tend to pick up things which seem slightly different to them or just seems nice. You can mention certain brands, certain products in the middle of one single video which was not originally linked to the core video. This works the best.

Be regulars

We need to create a lot more content and most importantly more regularly for the sake of consistency. Consistency brings better results.


These are very alluring kinds of stuff. More people can be engaged through this and this doesn’t cost much either with respect to the result. We can be offering Paypal 200 bucks to the winner of this giveaway we’re upping the ante. I’m sure many of us have done giveaways in the past where we may have given $100 to get entered into the giveaways. “Today all of us have to do is like the video hit that thumbs up, button and then subscribes and hit the notification bell to my channel. We’re almost at 100k. I’m so excited to hit that it’s gonna be a really good milestone and anyways after you do that comment below.” You can talk about something like this in your video.

Find the products off Amazon which are pretty expensive so these would get you to know a really nice commission and you can start off!

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