How to choose an Affiliate Network

We’re gonna look at seven affiliate networks, we can use to find millions of products. No we’re not talking Amazon or Walmart here, we’re talking about actual affiliate networks. Before we jump into the few popular networks themselves, we will need some setup.


Affiliate Network versus Affiliate Program

Suppose we run a successful website. We have our own shopping cart that allows us to run our own affiliate program. If I manage that myself through my own cart. You and I could enter into a relationship or an agreement where if you promote my stuff you could earn a kickback or a commission for the sales you generate for me. We run this independently of a third party so that’s an affiliate program. An affiliate network is when a third party company gets in between the two of us and what they’ll do is they’ll go find hundreds if not thousands of merchants and then they’ll go get thousands of tens of thousands of affiliates and they’ll essentially be a middle person in between the two. That’s what we’re gonna look at today.

Affiliate Marketing Network


So whats the real deal?


Get accepted to these affiliate networks, you get access to thousands and thousands of merchants who have millions of products to sell whether it’s digital, physical, any sort of niche anything you could ever imagine! The goal of affiliate marketing is to help your audience obtain the things they want. That is going to help them achieve their goals and solve their problems. The goal is not to bombard them with offers it’s to align them with the things they already want to purchase!



On the affiliate marketplace up top is where we need to look. This is where you can get access to all of the different Clickbank offers. They’ve got that different category for offers over here on the left side of the screen and we’re able to search for things such as golf and golf’s gonna be kind of the running.



Now ShareASale has more physical products. Clickbank is pretty much all digital products. There are some physical products coming in. In the health and the beautiful space in Clickbank share sale you’re gonna find a lot more physical products. We can build out a full-on kind of East or all with a shop or share sale products.

 Affiliate Program

How to choose Affiliate networks?

These are some sole important points to notice before we choose an affiliate network. Like-

  • Check if the control panel is friendly
  • There comprehensive support tools
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set it up
  • Of course reliable
  • Easy to sign up
  • Easy to promote
  • Might check if it comes with multiple language preferences
  • Lots of affiliate programs to choose from
  • Reporting features are solid


Remember to sort out these few things and we can easily succeed. Hope you enjoyed this article! So, it’s time to share this to your best social media.

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