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Before giving expert opinions about how to choose hosting providers, we first need a little introduction on the core topic itself: hosting providers. Hosting providers are the providers of servers if you want to host your own website. Now, what is website hosting and how does it work? We need to know this if we want to align with a quality web host for your long term success.

Web Hosting


On the contrary, there is a lot that has been going on in the web hosting world and there are many affiliates who are promoting what should actually be considered subpar web hosting companies because they pay these affiliate marketers big-time commissions.

Hosting providers

Before all of it, we need to be clear what is web hosting. So, if we put it in simple words, it can be described like the virtual address where we want your audience to land into through the help of the server. So if we’re building a WordPress website, we’re going to need to have web hosting and web hosting is a space on a server in a data center that is maintained and managed professionally.

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Right now there are two big conglomerates in the web hosting world buying up every little host company hosting they can and they kind of squeeze them to maximize the profits. GoDaddy is one of them. They are not the best but they are known to almost everyone who knows about web hosting in general.

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How to choose a good hosting provider

Now about how to choose a hosting provider, first of all, there are different things out there when it comes to the web host. There are many recommendations by people. But we don’t know if they always have the best intentions for someone when they’re just starting out to choose something they need, because a lot of them as we’ve earlier are based on affiliate programs.

Things to notice

We would like anyone to go for a few things before starting a website especially with WordPress and basically, I would go about these for selecting a web host.

  • Research for yourself and by yourself
  • Find what really appeals to you that some hosts have and that others don’t
  • If you are new and have no background at all, go for shared hosting because that is going to be most inexpensive and probably going to be the easiest to get started with for a beginner.
  • SSD that is solid state drives make the website work faster you may install one of those on your computer as well. That is a win-win situation right here because this is what Google likes too.
  • You must ensure that it has a control panel as well. It is a must for the back end ease-of-use purpose and it really makes it easy.
  • SSL certification must be checked because you want to make sure at least there is an option for security.
  • Make sure you have unlimited data or unlimited databases that is you must have unlimited storage.

And otherwise, you can trust your guts and go for whatever makes you feel right.

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