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The best WordPress theme providers and the best WordPress theme marketplaces are mentioned here for 2018 and 2019 a few that made the list include CSS igniter, elegant themes, theme fuse, and theme forest.

CSS Igniter

Let us take a look at the best WordPress theme providers. First, we have CSS Igniter. There is no doubt about it. CSS igniter comes up with some of the most beautifully crafted practical and complete themes we can find.


Olson is one of their flagship themes and a top-three finish is in one of our WordPress theme review articles. Most themes make excellent use of white space and padding to fill spacious and light-hearted you really can’t go wrong with CSS igniter.

We can buy individual themes, subscribe yearly for unlimited access, or pay a once-off lump sum for lifetime unlimited access to all themes support and plugins.

Female Theme


Female is one of the biggest theme providers out there. We can’t buy individual themes. But $89 gets us access to all themes a year of updates and up to three domains $149 gets us two years of free updates.

A once-off payment of 249 is the price of a lifetime membership with perpetual updates and up to five domains.

Themed fuse

We then have a themed fuse. This is built on the premise of quality over quantity. They don’t have the biggest catalog of themes. However the themes they have featured fantastic.

They have unique designs and a good amount of functionality. They also cover some interesting niches like not-for-profit sites, events, religion and automotive. We need to check out the core which is their flagship offering, the personal plan gets us one theme.

The developer plan gives you unlimited themes and sites on a yearly subscription or the lifetime access plan can be purchased for a once-off lump sum.


Best WordPress Theme

Elegant Themes

Next is elegant themes. Over four hundred and seventy thousand people copywrong. The elegant theme is one of the most popular and highly rated theme providers as well. Although we can probably find better-looking themes elsewhere.


There is one thing unique to them. Divi is one of the most comprehensive, multi-purpose theme that features the Divi page builder which is one of the best page builders around.

Their payment options are simple eighty-nine dollars per year. This gives you unlimited access to themes plugins and support while a one-time fee of 249 provides lifetime access.


Well then take a look at Tesla themes. A word that keeps popping up when we talk about Tesla themes in our reviews is striking they certainly do create some of the most visually striking themes of any other provider.

Examples like Mont Blanc a blog or business theme and wrap the theme for movie enthusiasts or vloggers come to mind immediately.

So here it is. Some of the best WordPress themes that you can use without any thinking.

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