Best domain name provider

Where do I get the domain name providers?

We might be asking yourself where do I buy a best domain name? “I want to get something like your domain X or your domain Y, but I just don’t know where to start! There are so many options and it’s overwhelming so we’re gonna start with GoDaddy. Now some key points on GoDaddy are that there is the largest registrar in the world they are extremely expensive they have a tendency to upsell a ridiculous amount and they do have really good live phone support. So really the only thing going for them here is the phone support.


How to locate a good domain name for yourself

Let us get introduced with a cool tool that people like to use. This will show us all the domain names available and really cut down our time on finding the best one for us. This will help us find the best registrar as well.


The Best Registrar

The best registrar is something to use where it can introduce you to the best domain names for your website. We usually love to use those where we can buy a domain name and then we can promote a product or send people to our website and we’ll have a nice professional look.

Domain Registration

So, it’s gonna be like our own website name right where people can go and put in, just that! Why? Because it’s very affordable and they have amazing service. Also, it’s very easy to manage and renew. These don’t always give you the best deal and the best option so personally we should use names with our own preferences.


The Best Domain Name Provider

We mostly prefer Namecheap so if we want to get a domain name plan in Namecheap, all we need is to introduce and create an account. The account is for free and there we can start looking for a good domain name. We just need to see if it’s available after we click search. If it’s available, we can follow and purchase it. That’s it. Deal! There we have our own website name for like a year, we just kind of renew it once a year has passed.


Why is it the Best?

  • It is easy for people
  • Free to open an account
  • Very cheap yearly price, only 8-12 bucks
  • Guards the domain name
  • Secures security subscription
  • Security Subscription free for a year
  • Easy billing methods
  • Easy sign-up methods
  • Easy management


If we have a lead that we want to promote, we can put it behind or in the settings here you can put it behind say the domain name and now we can take this domain name and give it to hosting providers.


There it is as easy as that.

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