To Linked is a professional online marketer feel happy dream with marketing. 

I’m Maruful Hasaan who has a beautiful healthy life. I covered a life with have a happy dream. Honestly, I hold the natural most of joys, sorrows and social activities.  I have crossed almost successfully my academic education. I took a very much interesting marketing job and enjoyed my job lively. Sometime although I fallen some professional crisis, but truly I did my professional work done all the best and really was happy with my job. I loved my job with mostly satisfaction. I got married a beautiful woman. Now I have two children. I love my wife, children, parents and sisters. I am very much happy with them. It’s my haven with them.

Near about ten years, I could continue my beloved job. Somehow then I would like to change my profession in a suitable small business. I have tried my best laboriously. But insufficient money backup I have fallen problem. Logically I went back a manufacturing or production related job for 6 to 7 years.    

Now days I am working as an online marketer since one and half year, but also I have my previous happy dream.

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To contact me, please email : maruf@tolinked.com